Tuesday, July 06, 2010

mengisi masa terluang..

soalan2 ni sy terjumpa dlm simpanan sy yg lalu.. sy pun xingat bila sy dpt benda ni sume... lau korg rajin tryla jwb jg. tetiba rs sonok plak.. hehehe..

1. shortest relationship..
only a couple of week.. hahaha

2. last gift you received..
glg tgn from my beloved father n mother.. thanks a lot..

3. ever dropped a cell phone..
of course la.. n then i'm going to cry.. becoz i love my phone..

4. last food you ate..
urmm.. roti canai for my breakfast today..

5. last club u go..

6. last drink..
horlick ais.. hr ni tukar selesa. slalu mesti minum milo ais..

7. one favorite song...
adira - ku ada kamu..

8. where do you live..
tmn kota jaya, kota tinggi..

9. last wedding you attended..
my cousin weding.. congrats2..

10. last tyme u saw your friends..
huhuhuhu.. 3 month ago.. last tyme jumpe after final.. really miss u a lot...

11. where is your favourite place to eat with friends...
nasi ayam penyek pinang... hehehehe

12. can u cook..
bolehlaaaa..... ngeee...

13. last time your cried...
urmm... errr... hehehe..

14. why..
why u want to know... hahaha

15. hate most about yourself..
xreti meluahkan ketidakpuashatian kpd seseorg akhirnya menjd hot-tempered kpd org lain..

16. can u sing..

17. do you love someone..
hmmm... yes

18. do you like coffee..

19. can you play pool..
of course no...

20. can you swim..
boleh dgn pelampung..

21. favourite flavor of ice cream..

22. what time did u wake up this morning..
6.15 am..

23. what r u doing this week..
work.. eat.. sleep...

24. aru you smiling..
not really..

25. do you miss someone rite now..

26. do you have a crush..

27. dou you have a sister..
yes.. i love them..

28. what were you doing 10 minutes ago..
facebook.. hehehehe

29. if you were a colour, what would you be..
white.. suci dan bersih..

30. if you could go anywhere right now, where..
japan of course....

31. what r u going to do tomorrow..
work.. work.. and work.. huhuhu

32. r u easy to get going...
urrmmm... dont know.. lets be friend n u will know..

33. what movie do you want to see right now..
avatar the last airbender,,

34. favourite things do you have now..
always my phone.. i love u...

~the end.. tryla wat lau korg ada masa terluang.. hehehehe.. take care sume. n have a nice day..~

dari N.A : sy rs sy sdg mrg skarang...~~~

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